Waterproof impregnation protection for canvas

This waterproof impregnation for cotton, canvas and linen provides an extra protection for your tent, folding tent, army tent. This waterproof impregnation product is widely used by landlords safari tents. Many tent cloths are made of cotton or polyester/cotton. This canvas is very strong and allows ventilation and regulates moisture and temperature. A major drawback of this material is that it is more susceptible to mold. Over time, the fabric can go through leakage. Therefore it is wise to impregnate the cloth. The impregnation makes the fabric waterproof again and gives an extra protection against heavy weather and dirt. This product was specially developed for tents.

Use of “Canvas and cotton protector”

Especially made to apply on:

  • cotton

  • canvas

  • linen

The product makes the canvas less sensible to:

  • fungi and weather stains

  • green slime and algae

  • rain streaks

  • spinning spots

  • bird droppings

The fabric will last longer:

  • clean

  • dry

  • waterproof

How to apply the “Canvas and cotton protector”

The fabric needs to dry before applying the canvas cotton protector.

Can shake well. Bring canvas cotton protector widely and evenly. It could be done by the means of a clean brush. The cloth should be fully saturated with the canvas cotton protector. After treatment, allow to dry. If necessary repeat treatment

Canvas and cotton protector dosage

Coverage: 1L = 8-15 m² (depending on fabric type)


If necessary, first clean the canvas with “Shampoo Ultramar” or “Power Cleaner”.