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Before Buying a Yurt

What it Means to Buy a Yurt from Us.

Buying a yurt from us is buying a yurt directly from the yurt’s producer in Mongolia. You do not pay a commission to an intermediary. Since yurts are produced in our workshops, we follow the production and continuously monitor the quality of our yurts. You are certain to have the best-of-the-best yurts.

Furthermore, buying a yurt from us is buying your dream yurt. With us, you can design your own yurt. We help you create your once-in-a-lifetime yurt. Together we work out the design and once agreed, we will execute the careful production of your yurt. Your design might include carving, yurt decorations, or special arrangements in the yurt structure. Share your dream and we will realize it for you.

Finally, buying a yurt from us also means buying a yurt from an ethical cooperative. Profits are shared equally, and part of our income is donated to a reforestation NGO (Gobi Oasis). We use only legally obtained wood and work with the finest available materials. To ensure the quality of our products, we import wood glue, varnishes, and paint from Europe.

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Our Yurt Sizes

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Yurt coding: X1-X2-X3W-X4

X1: The diameter of the yurt in meters.

X2: “ND” for Normal Door.

X3: Number of windows in the door: “0W”, “1W”, “3W” or “5W”

X4 : “NW” for No Window Panels, “2W” for Two , “4W” for Four and “6W” for Six Windows Panels.

Yurt's codes of Luxury yurt

No window panels

2 windows panels

4 windows panels

6 windows panels

0 windows in door

1 window in door

3 windows in door

5 windows in door

















Yurt's code of Traditional yurt

0 windows in door

No window panels


0 windows in door

1 window in door

3 windows in door

5 windows in door

Add-ons: entrance structure

  • We can highly recommend buying an entrance structure to protect the yurt from heavy rainfall.
  • Send us a mail for updated prices.
yurt entrance structure

Entrance structure front view

Entrance structure 45° view

Entrance structure 90° view

Other: FLOOR

  • Those are clip boards from 0.60 cm x 120 cm that you need to screw into each other.
  • Send us a mail for updated prices.


  • We also arrange transport to any destination in the world.
  • Send us a mail for a quotation.
mongolian yurts


"Luxury Yurts @ affordable prices"

“Luxury Yurts @ affordable prices”

  • More expensive yurts, but of unparalleled quality.
  • Yurt produced from high quality & ethically correct raw materials.
  • Wood is treated with fungicide and painted with a marine varnish.
  • Produced with water resistant wood glue.
  • Yurts are mostly sold in plain wood color although yurts decorated with semi-transparent stain paint can be ordered. 
  • For extra light, those yurts come with windows in the door. There is an option of zero, one, three or five windows in the door. Additional to the windows in the door, yurts can be supplied with half or full window panels. Those panels can be interested anywhere in the wall of the yurt.
  • Wood carvings as options. Submit your design and we will create your dream yurts.
  • We are the first and only company producing such quality yurts.


The yurt price does include :

  • The prices here above does only include the price of the yurt, delivered in Mongolia.
  • Extra on this price needs to be added the transport costs from Mongolia to your place, import duties, local handling costs and VAT on the total amount.

The yurt price does not include :

  • The yurt floor. It can however be ordered at extra cost.
  • The transport costs from Mongolia to the final destination of the yurt. It can be organised at extra cost.
  • VAT, import duties and local handling costs.

Other services we provide :

  • We can produce and deliver yurt floors.
  • We organize the transport from Mongolia to the arrival port close to your home.
  • We load and unload the yurts from the container / truck and pay for the local handling costs.
  • We do the paperwork to get the yurts through the customs and pay for the import duties and the VAT.
  • We help you organize the transport from the arrival point to the final destination of your yurt.
  • We help you set up your yurt.

All those services are at extra costs.

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