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The ger (the original Mongolian term), or the yurt (in Russian), is the traditional dwelling of the Mongols and, in general, that of nomadic people in Central Asia. 

There are several reasons to buy a Mongolian yurt. It is an original way to guests your friends.
Build a yurt in your garden and let people who come over for a night sleep in this very original room.

We offer a wide range of yurts, all produced in Mongolia and exported to any part of the world.
All our yurts are of high quality, specially produced to meet foreign quality demand.
The types of yurts we sell differentiate by their size, their decoration colors and the quality of the felt. All orders are personalized.

Hereunder are somùe pictures of our classic outside cover deciration.
The most used colors are red, blue and green, but other colors are also possible.

We are a group of people who came together to start a yurt production unit. We work under the statute of a cooperative.
Our profit is re-invested or shared amount our team members. We are all proud to produce and export a real authentic Mongolian product: the Mongolian yurt.